Jim Dees
Officer, martial artist and writer Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Long overdue

I just wanted to write and thank you for finally putting forth the final effort to get the book published. It is long overdue. While I did read the manuscript years ago, I must say that the final product is excellent. You guys did a great job.

Michael Ditsch
Michael Ditsch
Assistant at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Germany

A comprehensive compendium guide

Yan Gaofei, with Jude Smallwood, has written a comprehensive compendium that contains practical guidance and a lot of background information in order to get closer to the understanding and experience of Chi. The book covers most of the content, which Gaofei Yan has passed during his classes and seminars. Explanatory illustrations and interesting imagery (eg "young Yan" page 157) complement the informative work. I like the "Internal Journey Map," which is inserted at the beginning of each chapter and gives the reader a good orientation. The book cannot replace the personal guidance of the teacher, but it helps students to understand what they have learned and experienced. Great work!

Chauncey Mabe
A freelancer and ghostwriter in South Florida. He can be reached through Facebook

A No-nonsense book

It's hard to imagine a better introduction to the wisdom and technique of the ancient Chinese martial arts, tai chi or chi gong. 'What Is Chi,' by Master Max Gaofei with Jude Brady Smallwood, is a no-nonsense textbook that will carry a student from the beginning to the highest levels of practice.

Elio Tarrago
Elio H. Tarrago
NMS Founderand Senior Study Group member - Shr-Fu Shen-Gung Miami, Florida

A good reference book

I got lot out of the book. You will find that it could be used as a teacher and a reference book. You can find yourself returning often to study and to review the material.

Daniel Vogel
Daniel Vogel
Photographer in Naples, Florida

Useful and Detailed

I was reading your book yesterday and want to compliment you. It is very useful and the attention to detail made the book particularly beneficial.

Kathy Patterson
Kathy Patterson
Registered Multi-lingual Pharmacist - Milton, Georgia

Take it from a health professional

Thanks so much for the book. I have just started it and I don't want to put it down! So far it reads easily & clear on info! Thanks so much. I also bought 1 book online for my neighbors to read. All want me teach them! I feel more confident doing that with the book in hand! Many many thanks.

As a pharmacist and health professional I value your book for the best information to help patients and friends. I would like to recommend Tai Chi where no other equipment is needed to practice this age old method that helps one physically and otherwise! It is good for the body as well the mind no matter what age one decides to learn; (Tai Chi practice )has very little stress physically! Thanks for writing this valuable source of knowledge and (about) Tai Chi practice. Be well!

Thomas Bailey Jr.
Thomas H. Bailey, Jr.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture physician and a Licensed Massage Therapist MA23983)

Unique cover to cover

I'm enjoying the book very much, a unique cover of the topic of Chi and internal martial arts for sure. Long before my tai chi journey in Chen style began in 1998, I was practicing tang soo do and reading Yang Zwing Mings books "root of Chinese Chi Gong" and "muscle tendon changing bone marrow brain washing Chi Gong" and other writings on meditation and Chi...but none as easy to follow and as informative. Even though they're all beginners, my students are enjoying it and understanding it. You've done a great job here.