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Thomas H. Bailey, Jr.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture physician and a Licensed Massage Therapist MA23983)

Unique cover to cover

I'm enjoying the book very much, a unique cover of the topic of Chi and internal martial arts for sure. Long before my tai chi journey in Chen style began in 1998, I was practicing tang soo do and reading Yang Zwing Mings books "root of Chinese Chi Gong" and "muscle tendon changing bone marrow brain washing Chi Gong" and other writings on meditation and Chi...but none as easy to follow and as informative. Even though they're all beginners, my students are enjoying it and understanding it. You've done a great job here.

Daniel Vogel
Photographer in Naples, Florida

Useful and Detailed

I was reading your book yesterday and want to compliment you. It is very useful and the attention to detail made the book particularly beneficial.